2022 Indy 500 Tickets

Who wouldn’t want to watch Indy 500 2022 live? Have you got enough preparation with the purpose to attend that event? The race will take place on Sunday, May 29, 2020 at 12.45 p.m. ET. The name of this event already indicates the stadium used it is located in Indiana.

indy 500 tickets

If you want to attend the event directly, then you would need to get yourself a ticket first. For people who are already living around the arena would surely be able to gain access to the tickets and some other things easily. You would not require any serious preparations like the one that lives outside the US.

Then, if you are coming from outside the state, what kind of preparations you would need to make? You need to go through every single detail to make sure that they are ready. If you have made sure of those things, what’s left is just waiting for the day to come and enjoy the race!

But there are some more things to be done for people living far away from Indianapolis. Careful planning for their trip to the state is the beginning of the things that will soon follow. This event is not just about enjoying the race with your own eyes, but also about the comfort and safety during the process so that you could watch the biggest race event peacefully without any worries.

Before you are ready to get into the stadium, you have to check on the admission tickets! Entering the stadium would require you the ticket, and regarding the budget, some higher tier tickets offer you more. If you pay attention to the tickets provided online, there should be several tickets for different sessions are ready for purchase. However, it is nothing wrong with only buying the main race if you really have a limited amount of budget.

The admission for general entrance usually costs around $45. But if you are interested in this more, you can also buy other tickets to watch the whole races of the current season. If you want to attend the rehearsals, then the tickets for the practice session would cost you around $15.

General Admission

EVENTSGeneral AdmissionCurrent PricesEvent Day Prices
Practice Days – May 17-20, 2022General Admission$15$15 
Armed Forces Qualifying – May 21-22, 2022General Admission$20 per day$20 per day 
Miller Lite Carb Day – Friday, May 27, 2022General Admission$35$40
 Concert Pit Upgrade*$25TBD
Firestone Legends Day – Saturday, May 28, 2022Non-Concert Admission$10$10
 Concert AdmissionTBDTBD
 Concert Pit Upgrade + AdmissionTBDTBD
Indy 500 Race Day – Sunday, May 29, 2022General Admission$45$50
Indy 500 Snake Pit presented by Coors Light – Sunday, May 29, 2022General Admission*$60$75
*Does not include gate admission to the facility

Reserved seats – Race Day Tickets price and availability CHECK HERE

In this session, you can watch the participants, including the superstars and the champion preparing for the race. See it for yourself how they are testing their skills in the circuits and their performance for the upcoming race. But you are not gonna mention them faking to race for real in this session.

The performance you see might be different than the ones in qualification round or the main event. In this session, either the racers and the spectators could get information about the whole participant of the race. At least, you would get to see how the racers perform. The other one is the qualification round tickets which will cost you about $20.

This round is like a mock race where it gets to decide the position and so on. You might get to see quite an interesting race during this round. At least half of their real performance and strategy will be shown.