Indianapolis 500 2020 – Keep going!

The big race that will take place on August 23, the Indianapolis 500 2020, will not be welcoming the spectators. The race that was held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway had to be changed because of the risk of coronavirus. The spread of the COVID-19 virus has a big impact on the annual plans and racing schedule for the Indianapolis 500 2020. Before 2020, there were a total of six race cancellations, namely during World Wars I and II.

Indianapolis 500 2020 - Keep going!

The cancellation of the Indianapolis 500 2020 is the first time in 103 years of history that a race will not be held on the Sunday before Memorial Day. The IMS is officially releasing the news after a joint consultation with officials. Organizers are continuing to monitor the development of the effects of the COVID-19 virus. If the plan for developing a health protocol can go according to plan, then it is likely that the upcoming Indianapolis 500 can receive spectators in the stands.

The Indianapolis 500 is one of the few prestigious races in America that attracts viewers on a global scale. Therefore, IndyCar and IMS are doing everything they can to ensure that the 2020 race can take place on schedule. So far their efforts have paid off because the Indy 500 2020 has only experienced a change of schedule, not a cancellation. The IndyCar 2020 race season was stopped in March, before even having the chance to start. Finally, the race that will take place at the Texas Motor Speedway is scheduled and will be the eighth race of the season.

What do you need to know about the Indianapolis 500 2020? What are the NBC broadcast plans set aside for the race on Sunday, May 24? Following the IMS decision, the Indianapolis 500 2020 will be held on Sunday, August 23, 2020, at 01 am ET.

On Wednesday and Thursday, August 12-13 there will be Action on-track and training sessions. Followed by a fast Friday on August 14th, the qualifications will finally be aired on Saturday, August 15th and Sunday, August 16th. Viewers can watch on TV through the NBC channel.

The next, and most recent, the training session will take place on Thursday, August 20. And the next day, Friday, August 20, 2020, was the big day of the Indianapolis 500 2020 race. The composition of the event for this race was still the same, only the date of the implementation had changed.

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