Preparations for Indy 500 2019

Are you eager to watch Indy 500 2019? Then how much have you prepared to attend that event? For you who live around the spot surely could easily gain access to the tickets and some other things do not require any serious preparations. But for people living far away from Indianapolis, they need to carefully plan their trip to the state to begin with. This is not just about the race, but also about your convenience and safety so that you could peacefully watch the event without any worries. So, what kind of preparations you would need to make? Have you completed each of them? Then all that’s left is just wait for the day to come and enjoy the race!

Preparations for Indy 500 2019

First thing of all is to make sure that you get your hands on the admission tickets! There are several types of tickets you could purchase, but you could just buy the main race if you are on a tight budget. The general admission usually costs around $40. But you can also buy other tickets if you wish to watch the whole races of the current season. The tickets for the practice session would cost around $15. Here you can watch the participants, including the superstars and the champion preparing for the race.

You can see how they are testing the circuits and their performance for the upcoming race. Of course, they are not racing for real in this session. The performance you see might be different than the ones in qualification round or the main event. In this session, either the racers and the spectators could get information about the whole participant of the race. At least, you would get to see how the racers perform. The other one is the qualification round tickets which will cost you about $20. This round is like a mock race where it gets to decide the position and so on. You might get to see quite an interesting race during this round. At least half of their real performance and strategy will be shown.

If you are living outside the state, you would need to check the schedule and arrive days before the main event starts. Check the schedule of your preferred transportation to get there in time, make sure that you get the tickets far in advance because things might get very unexpected near the date. Do you have someplace to stay? If you prefer to stat at a hotel,you could also book the rooms in advance. There are many people who would come and see the Indy 500 2019 for themselves, and most of them must be originating from outside the area. If you book the hotels in advance, you might get to choose the one that is closer to the stadium. Book closer to the D day and you would get much less choice and much higher price.

You could be very eager to watch the Indy 500 2019 live, but first, make sure that everything has been prepared in advance so that there would be no rush when you are approaching the date.

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