Indy 500 Party

2019 Indy 500 Party Concerns About the Rain

If you have been following the latest forecast that relates to the Indy 500 event, you’d agree that it will be quite risky for the racers to race in the rain. Speaking of the forecast, the storm threatens the Indy 500 party. However, it does not make the officials plan for the incidental expenses.

In the past, there were three Indy 500 events postponed because of hard rain falls. In history, the racers backed off at 1915, 1986, and 1997. Meanwhile, the other two Indy 500 events which happened at 1967 and 1973 kicked off before accomplishing on another day.

This time, the forecasts do not seem friendly for all the participants. The forecast officials claimed that there’s 70% chance that the showers and thunderstorms raid the Sunday’s race.

Doug Boles, the IMS president, stated that the rain spots in the radar. The officials wouldn’t be bold to speculate the optimistic predictions. They don’t know what it is going to be like.

Boles added that they just wanted to wait until Sunday to see the exact conditions. Based on what Boles said, we could be thinking of the worse. If it is raining cats and dogs, the officials won’t run the Indianapolis 500 and they will decide the next possible steps to handle the matter.

The thing is that all the attendees have purchased the tickets. It will be a problem if they need to postpone the event. Some flights might be canceled or modified. Some folks might even refund the tickets. However, the organizers are looking for the chances that they can conduct the race event on Sunday.

If it is not raining and time to run, the Indy 500 folks will go straight to the track.

We’ve known that the storms distracted the entire race weekend. About 2.5 cm rain fell on Thursday. Meanwhile, thousands of race fans moved in for partying for the race. THen this day, the rain still threats the continuation of the Carb Day festivities that present the big fans with the concert and final practice. One thing for sure, the officials do their best to find the gap or slit they can use to maximize the events without any hassle. If you plan to attend the venue when the event happens, consider bringing your jumpsuit, umbrella or anything else to prevent the wets.

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