Buttermilk Is No Longer Available for This Year’s Indy 500 Edition

Back then, the winner of 1933 Indy 500 drank a tall glass of buttermilk to celebrate. But this year, the winner won’t do the same.

If you are an avid Indy 500 fan, drinking a celebratory glass of milk after winning is one of the most prevalent traditions of the race. Louis Meyer started this tradition back hen.

Buttermilk for Indy 500 Winner

The American Dairy Association of Indiana encouraged all the 33 drivers to pick what kind of milk they want if they win. The drivers must choose between the three types: whole, two-percent, and fat-free milk. So, there’s absent milk: Buttermilk. Last year, Ed Carpenter picked buttermilk if winning. And this year he did the same. However, the buttermilk is not in the options list.

If you are wondering why it does not exist in the option, you are not alone. People have been wondering why the buttermilk is not an option. It seems that the American Dairy Association of Indiana might have some sentiments on buttermilk. But let’s stop right there. Rather than speculating, there’s a practical reason. And thankfully, the real idea is not as bad as we think.

Winers Drink Milk

The representative of Winners Drink Milk explained the reason why the buttermilk was not in the option. She stated it over the email.

She stated that there had been only three white milk options offered: Whole, Two-percent, and fat-free. In the last two years, the officials added buttermilk to the equation. However, it came with a catch. They wanted to make sure that the drivers who request buttermilk have tasted it in advance.

The thing is that the buttermilk back when Louis Meyer drank is a different product than the original buttermilk product. Nowadays, buttermilk product can taste a lot different than before.

After all, most of the racers didn’t choose buttermilk for this year’s Indy 500. Most of the athletes choose whole milk when winning. Meanwhile, the ten racers picked two-percent milk. And just one, Marcus Ericsson, who picked the fat-free milk. And Will Power, just like last year, does not care about what kind of milk he’ll get. He tended to choose “surprise me” when he wins. But how if someone smuggles buttermilk in the winning line? What will happen? Do the organizers let it slide? Now, it is time to surprise us.

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